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Nightstands—Add Style with Kids’ Furniture for a Bedroom or Nursery

When picking out kids’ furniture for a room, many people think about the big pieces such beds and dressers. When trying to create the perfect design, however, it is often the smaller pieces of furniture that complete your desired look. One of these smaller pieces of furniture is the nightstand. Although relatively small, a nightstand can have a big impact on a room’s style. You may want a nightstand that matches the bed and other furniture, or you can choose a contrasting style to give the room its own unique feel. If you’re looking for style ideas, you can visit our furniture showroom in Cincinnati to see many different styles of nightstands and other kids’ furniture. We can even give you some new design ideas. Here are just a few of the many different styles of nightstands we offer:

  1. Everything Nice Nightstand

Shown here in an Espresso finish, the Everything Nice Nightstand from Baby’s Dream features solid wood construction for beauty and durability. The two drawers, raised feet, and squared knobs make it an elegant choice for any nursery or bedroom. This nightstand also comes in a distressed, Snowdrift finish. To appreciate the beauty and detail of this nightstand, come see it in person. Visit our furniture gallery to see if this nightstand is the right coordinating piece for a room in your home.

  1. Heritage Nightstand

This Heritage Nightstand from Baby’s Dream proves that simple can be beautiful. Shown here in a slate finish, this nightstand features solid wood construction, two drawers, and a base with a sweeping arch detail. If you prefer a lighter color, you can choose the Snowdrift finish. This night stand coordinates with many nurseries and is a great piece of kids’ furniture for bedrooms. To see if it’s the perfect accessory for a room in your home, visit our furniture gallery north of Cincinnati.

  1. Legendary Collection Nightstand

This nightstand from Baby’s Dream’s Legendary Collection is shown here in an Espresso finish. With detailed molding around the base, top, and drawer, this is a perfect coordinating piece to complete the style of a bedroom. Unlike most nightstands, this piece features a single drawer design with a convenient open area on the bottom for additional storage. Cinnamon and Snowdrift finishes are also available. See one for yourself today at our furniture gallery.

Find Nightstands and Other Kids’ Furniture at Treehouse Kids Co.

If you are looking for nightstands or any other kids’ furniture, be sure to visit our showroom in in Springdale. There, you can see our collection of nightstands, bunk beds, dressers, cribs, and much more. We can answer your product questions and provide design ideas, so come visit us today!

If you are looking for the perfect piece of kids’ furniture to complete a room, you should consider a child-size rocking chair. A rocking chair is a great fit for kids’ playrooms or bedrooms because it allows children a place to sit, read, and feel like a grown-up. At Treehouse Kids Co., we have an excellent selection of kids’ furniture including rocking chairs. Continue reading to learn more about just some of our available rocking chairs for children.

  1. Owls Rocker

    This Owls Rocker is a great piece of kids’ furniture for children who love to read. This child’s rocker features a cut-out back painted to look as if it is a tree. With a painting of an owl reading a book and message across the top of the chair saying “Look whoo’s reading now!” this chair will become your child’s favorite piece of kids’ furniture. This rocking chair also includes a wooden book rack attached to the side, so your kid will always have a place to store books. If you think your kid would love this owl rocker, come see one today at Treehouse Kids Co.!
  2. Papagayo Rocking Chair

    This Papagayo Rocking Chair by Guidecraft features wild jungle animals that your kids will love. The chair has neutral shades of green and brown and espresso-finished hardwood, so it will look great in many different styles of rooms. The hand-carved and hand-painted details make this piece of kids’ furniture a classic item that will enhance the look of any bedroom or playroom. Visit Treehouse Kids Co. to pick one up today.
  3. Cherry Rocker

    If you are looking for a classic piece of kids’ furniture, this Cherry Rocker may be just the piece you need. The rocking chair’s dark, cherry wood gives it a timeless appeal and makes it a great gift for a child or grandchild. Because this chair is so well-constructed it will last many years and can even be passed down to younger siblings or future generations. To see one for yourself, visit Treehouse Kids Co.
  4. Find Kids’ Furniture at Treehouse Kids Co.

    If you are shopping for kids’ furniture, make sure to stop by Treehouse Kids Co. to see our selection of children’s rocking chairs. We also carry many other types of kids’ furniture including bunk beds, lofted beds, desks, dressers, and more. As always, feel free to bring your kids so they can help pick out the furniture they like the best. We look forward to seeing you.

A bunk bed is an excellent piece of kids’ furniture that can help make your kids’ room more fun and more practical. Bunk beds are fun for kids because they allow them to sleep high above the ground, and they can even have fun features such as slides and tents. On the practical sides, bunk beds give you more storage space in the room since they occupy otherwise wasted vertical space. Continue reading to learn more about several benefits and fun features bunk beds can bring to your kids’ room.

Bunk Beds above Dressers

To start off with the convenience factor, lofted beds can save you a lot of space in a bedroom by utilizing otherwise wasted vertical space. These beds are fun for kids, but they can also save space by including a dresser beneath it. Bunk beds save plenty floor space and might even help with organization since there is a dresser right beneath the bed.

Bunk Bed

Bunk Beds above Desks

Another way we try to provide a solution to a cramped room is by placing desks beneath lofted beds. These beds are perfect kids who are old enough that they need to do homework in their room. To save even more space, the stairs on some lofted beds can double as storage space, too – making three pieces of furniture in one.

Lofted Beds with Desk

Bunk Beds with Slides

A favorite bunk bed for most kids are ones with stairs on one side and a slide on the other. If you think your child would love to live in a fun room, but you don’t want to take up a lot of space, this bed is the perfect solution. A bunk bed with a slide will be the highlight of your kids’ room.  Slides come on lofted beds, bunk beds, and some beds with dressers.

Kids Beds

Bunk Beds in a Tent

You think a bunk bed with a slide is exciting? It gets better. If you want the ultimate bedroom, we have the piece of kids’ furniture for you: a bed inside a tent.  It has windows, doors, stairs, and, to top it off, a slide. Chances are this is the bed of your child’s dream. With this bed, your young one will be excited to go to bed bed and to sleep in a house-tent every night.

See these Bunk Beds for Yourself!

At Treehouse Kids Co. in Cincinnati, there are endless possibilities for the bed your child may want. We have it all, so there is no reason to go to all sorts of different stores, driving all over town, searching for what suites your child. Bring the whole family along and browse our store located at 35 Tri-County Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45246. To learn more about what we have to offer, you can also visit us at www.treehousekidsco.com.

Furniture shopping for your child’s bedroom can be very fun if you shop at the right place. At Treehouse Kids Co., we offer a wide variety of kids’ furniture to choose from. Make your child happy by creating the perfect room that suites him or her.

Youth Beds

There are so many different types of youth beds we offer that you are sure to find something you love. Our beds include toddler beds, single beds, loft beds, and bunk beds. Many of our beds are specially designed with unique features that kids love. We understand kids grow up fast. If your child has already outgrown the crib, we are here with the next step: a toddler bed. A toddler bed allows your child to get in and out of bed without needing your help to lower the railing of a crib or carry him or her out. We understand convenience, but we also value safety. Getting in and out of the bed like a “big kid” is one thing, but taking precaution so your little one does not roll off the bed is another. Toddler beds include a small railing at the head of the bed to keep your child safe from rolling off. Single beds are some of the most commonly sold beds we offer. In both sizes, twin and full, you can find a regular bed with or without a headboard and with or without drawers. If you want a regular bed with a little more to it, we offer a bed with a bookcase. Sounds cool, right? And yes, it saves some space too. You may find that lofted beds are more suitable for a small room and your child will most likely find it exciting to sleep high above the ground. Again, our higher beds include a railing for safety. Some of our lofted bed use vertical space to include drawers or desks, and some even have stairs and/or a slide. Likewise, our bunk beds are perfect if you need to fit two beds in one room but don’t want to spend the money or space on two separate beds. We also offer some platform beds and captain beds. If you need youth beds, you have found your solution with all of our different types of beds.

Dressers/ Chests

Just like we carry a variety of beds, you also have quite the selection for types of drawer sets. First, we have the hutch style that includes a set of a few drawers with shelving above it; it is a two in one. Second, we have chests and dressers with several stacked drawers. These pieces of furniture come in different shapes and sizes. We have some that take up more vertical space and some that take up more horizontal space. You have the option to get a chest or dresser with 3, 5, or 6 drawers. Lastly, we offer nightstands and armoires, which typically have a couple drawers on the bottom and doors to either shelves or closet space on top.

Kids Furniture in Cincinnati

Whether it is an exciting bed with a slide and stairs, or a regular bunk bed that saves space, you can find what you are looking for at Treehouse Kids Co. Bring your kids along to visit us at 35 Tri-County Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45246, or browse through our website to view our selection of kids’ furniture.

“I call top bunk!”

We know many kids find sleeping in bunk beds very exciting, especially when the bed has so many additional features such as stairs or a slide. Bunk beds are exciting for kids because they provide them with their own unique space while sharing a bedroom. Anywhere from summer camp to their own rooms, bunk beds are not only popular with younger children but are also highly convenient. If you have more than one kid sharing a room, or guests staying at your home, it may get pretty cramped at times, but bunk beds alleviate that problem. If there is not enough floor space for more than one bed, and if sharing a bed may not be very comfortable, using the vertical space for a couple of comfortable beds is ideal. Whether your kid likes the cozy bottom bunk or the high-up, close to the ceiling bed, they will love the idea of sleeping on levels, and you will all love the additional available space. Even if two beds fit in a bedroom, bunk beds are also typically more cost efficient than buying two individual beds. Save space, save money. Due to the love kids have for bunk beds, the convenience of saving space, and saving money, bunk beds are very popular piece of furniture for kids’ rooms.

The Best Quality Bunk Beds in Cincinnati

Bunk beds provide many benefits, but one of the main concerns parents have is safety. At Treehouse Kids Co., our bunk beds take several precautions to make sure they are safe for use by kids. Our bunk beds are all made with railings on the top bunks. Also, most of our beds are made with a wooden frame, which provides greater strength compared to beds made from composite materials. Not only do they have the essentials, but many also have stairs, desks, drawers, a small shelf for the top bunk, or even slides. The all these factors combine to ensure that the quality of our bunk beds is exceptional!

Get Your Bunk Bed Today!

We offer some of the best bunk beds in Cincinnati and provide you with a variety of options to simplify your search. Some of the different types of bunk beds are shown below. To continue looking at examples of what we have to offer, browse our selection of bunk beds. As always, you can stop by to see our full selection of furniture at our store located at 35 Tri-County Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45246.

The ABC Expo was recently held in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is an industry showcase opportunity for manufacturers of kids’ furniture and more to display their newest products. We try to attend yearly, scouting the aisles of the exhibit hall to track down the best kids products we can bring back to Cincinnati. Although we did not attend the event this year, we found some excellent products to highlight.

This year’s top products include:

Beautiful chevron, animal and floral prints from IRE. Checking out examples like these provide great decorating ideas for your own nursery.

This awesome little invention sterilizes baby bottles in just fifteen minutes! No more standing by the stove watching pots boil.

This classic bath time accessory helps make keeping your little one clean a delight. The Blooming Bath turns a cold kitchen sink into a cozy and fun bathing cradle for babies. A perfect gift for new moms or for a baby shower!

One of our all-time favorites, the Blooming Bath available for purchase in a variety of colors on our website by clicking here.

Looking for cute and unique ideas for custom boys’ bedding? Check out this neat design. With a sleek, modern crib and clean lines, this baby boy’s nursery will look beautiful and timeless. For more custom bedding ideas, visit our store location in Tri County and consult with our expert Designer. She can offer guidance, suggestions and answers to your make your little one’s nursery picture perfect.

As one of the leading children’s furniture stores in Cincinnati, Treehouse Kids serves families with some of the most unique and interesting nursery and kids bedroom accessories available! One of our most popular products is a nifty little invention called “Teddy Needs a Bath.”

If you have young children you understand how sticky and icky their stuffed animals can get as time goes on. Poor little teddy gets dragged along the ground wherever your child or toddler goes, and after a while his shining white fur starts looking awfully brown and dull. Since many children’s toys can’t just get tossed in the washing machine with everything else, Teddy Needs a Bath allows you to get little teddy as clean as can be for your little one.

Simply place dirty teddy inside the Teddy Needs a Bath bag. Then wash and tumble as you would a normal load of laundry, and teddy comes out clean as can be. For more information about Teddy Needs a Bath, or to order a starter kit online, simply click here!

Find Bunk Beds in Cincinnati at Treehouse Kids Co.

If you are searching for bunk beds in Cincinnati, look no further than Treehouse Kids Co.! We offer a wide range of bunk beds that will be sure to suit your child’s dreams and your budget. Bunk beds are a great choice for any child – they save space, and they can make sharing a room with a sibling more fun. At Treehouse Kids Co., we have the best bunk beds that are sure to make your child’s dreams come true.

Pros and Cons of Bunk Beds

When shopping for bunk beds in Cincinnati, all parents should consider the pros and cons. Bunk beds are a huge space saver, they’re fun for play time, and they provide flexibility for sleepovers. While bunk beds are reputed to be unsafe, many bunk beds in Cincinnati have guard rails for added safety. Come to Treehouse Kids Co. to shop for high-quality, safe bunk beds for your kids today.

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