If you are looking for the perfect piece of kids’ furniture to complete a room, you should consider a child-size rocking chair. A rocking chair is a great fit for kids’ playrooms or bedrooms because it allows children a place to sit, read, and feel like a grown-up. At Treehouse Kids Co., we have an excellent selection of kids’ furniture including rocking chairs. Continue reading to learn more about just some of our available rocking chairs for children.

  1. Owls Rocker

    This Owls Rocker is a great piece of kids’ furniture for children who love to read. This child’s rocker features a cut-out back painted to look as if it is a tree. With a painting of an owl reading a book and message across the top of the chair saying “Look whoo’s reading now!” this chair will become your child’s favorite piece of kids’ furniture. This rocking chair also includes a wooden book rack attached to the side, so your kid will always have a place to store books. If you think your kid would love this owl rocker, come see one today at Treehouse Kids Co.!
  2. Papagayo Rocking Chair

    This Papagayo Rocking Chair by Guidecraft features wild jungle animals that your kids will love. The chair has neutral shades of green and brown and espresso-finished hardwood, so it will look great in many different styles of rooms. The hand-carved and hand-painted details make this piece of kids’ furniture a classic item that will enhance the look of any bedroom or playroom. Visit Treehouse Kids Co. to pick one up today.
  3. Cherry Rocker

    If you are looking for a classic piece of kids’ furniture, this Cherry Rocker may be just the piece you need. The rocking chair’s dark, cherry wood gives it a timeless appeal and makes it a great gift for a child or grandchild. Because this chair is so well-constructed it will last many years and can even be passed down to younger siblings or future generations. To see one for yourself, visit Treehouse Kids Co.
  4. Find Kids’ Furniture at Treehouse Kids Co.

    If you are shopping for kids’ furniture, make sure to stop by Treehouse Kids Co. to see our selection of children’s rocking chairs. We also carry many other types of kids’ furniture including bunk beds, lofted beds, desks, dressers, and more. As always, feel free to bring your kids so they can help pick out the furniture they like the best. We look forward to seeing you.