As one of the leading children’s furniture stores in Cincinnati, Treehouse Kids serves families with some of the most unique and interesting nursery and kids bedroom accessories available! One of our most popular products is a nifty little invention called “Teddy Needs a Bath.”

If you have young children you understand how sticky and icky their stuffed animals can get as time goes on. Poor little teddy gets dragged along the ground wherever your child or toddler goes, and after a while his shining white fur starts looking awfully brown and dull. Since many children’s toys can’t just get tossed in the washing machine with everything else, Teddy Needs a Bath allows you to get little teddy as clean as can be for your little one.

Simply place dirty teddy inside the Teddy Needs a Bath bag. Then wash and tumble as you would a normal load of laundry, and teddy comes out clean as can be. For more information about Teddy Needs a Bath, or to order a starter kit online, simply click here!

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