“I call top bunk!”

We know many kids find sleeping in bunk beds very exciting, especially when the bed has so many additional features such as stairs or a slide. Bunk beds are exciting for kids because they provide them with their own unique space while sharing a bedroom. Anywhere from summer camp to their own rooms, bunk beds are not only popular with younger children but are also highly convenient. If you have more than one kid sharing a room, or guests staying at your home, it may get pretty cramped at times, but bunk beds alleviate that problem. If there is not enough floor space for more than one bed, and if sharing a bed may not be very comfortable, using the vertical space for a couple of comfortable beds is ideal. Whether your kid likes the cozy bottom bunk or the high-up, close to the ceiling bed, they will love the idea of sleeping on levels, and you will all love the additional available space. Even if two beds fit in a bedroom, bunk beds are also typically more cost efficient than buying two individual beds. Save space, save money. Due to the love kids have for bunk beds, the convenience of saving space, and saving money, bunk beds are very popular piece of furniture for kids’ rooms.

The Best Quality Bunk Beds in Cincinnati

Bunk beds provide many benefits, but one of the main concerns parents have is safety. At Treehouse Kids Co., our bunk beds take several precautions to make sure they are safe for use by kids. Our bunk beds are all made with railings on the top bunks. Also, most of our beds are made with a wooden frame, which provides greater strength compared to beds made from composite materials. Not only do they have the essentials, but many also have stairs, desks, drawers, a small shelf for the top bunk, or even slides. The all these factors combine to ensure that the quality of our bunk beds is exceptional!

Get Your Bunk Bed Today!

We offer some of the best bunk beds in Cincinnati and provide you with a variety of options to simplify your search. Some of the different types of bunk beds are shown below. To continue looking at examples of what we have to offer, browse our selection of bunk beds. As always, you can stop by to see our full selection of furniture at our store located at 35 Tri-County Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45246.

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